High Visibility for Mental Health

It’s time to stop hiding mental health in plain sight

1 tradie in the construction industry in New Zealand dies by suicide every week

1 farmworker in New Zealand dies by suicide every fortnight

Our mates are at risk.

583 tradespeople working in the construction industry died by suicide between 2007-2019

Revealed in the 2021 research report for MATES in Construction by the University of Otago


of them were men


didn’t make it to their
25th birthday


didn’t make it to their
50th birthday

Those were our brothers, our fathers, our partners, our mates.

Health and safety on construction sites are a critical priority. Yet mental health is dressed up in invisibility orange. 

It’s everywhere but nobody can see it anymore.

At Diamond Workwear we want to change that.

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We are on a mission to support NZ Mental health charities


Stand out in a sea of orange and wear our shirts with pride


Anyone can be a good mate and buy a shirt for their best mate


A % of each sale goes to a NZ Mental health charity

Start a conversation that could save a life.

Outrageous, cheeky and meaningful – stand proud in a sea of orange wherever you are.


If your mate is acting like a dick, they may be having more than just a bad day.

Help a mate take the pressure off from trying to figure it all out on their own.

Start the conversation and keep it going.


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50% of all profits go to charity

We donate 50% of the profit of every shirt to New Zealand mental health charities.

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Show your team and your customers that you walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Save a life

Who knew that work shirts would start conversations that could save lives? Join the movement.

Our Story.

Father of three young boys and Canterbury-based Construction Site Manager Alan Farragher, looked at the world around him that his boys were growing up in and knew that having conversations about mental health at home was not going to be enough.

With boots on the ground working on construction sites all over New Zealand, Alan could see first-hand that mental health among mates and colleagues was being dressed up in invisibility orange – just like the hi-vis vests that everyone wears, but nobody notices anymore

“Diamond Workwear is a personal legacy project. I not only wanted to make an impact, but I also wanted my boys to grow up and be proud of their Dad for changing how we look at mental health in this country. I hope that by the time they are old enough and need to have these conversations that it will be easier for them than it is for my generation.

The core of this whole project is normalising mental health conversations. We can remove the shame and stigma and talk openly about what we are struggling with. It is one of the most powerful ways we can work towards breaking generational cycles.”

Diamon Workwear no more invisible orange 614px

No more invisible orange.

There is a running joke that if you want to rob a bank, the easiest way would be to put on a hi-vis vest and help yourself in broad daylight.

With so many people around us every day wearing hi-vis clothing, we don’t notice them anymore. When you arrive at a construction site, it is a sea of orange. There could be 5 different companies working on site, but everyone looks the same.

Mental health struggles are just like that. They are all around us every day, with people struggling in plain sight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diamond Workwear has teamed up with workwear manufacturing partner, Global Safewear.

Carefully chosen for their fully transparent, sustainable and socially responsible supply chain with a reputation of excellence, known for producing garments to exacting international standards and compliant with NZ & Aussie standards.

So the fussy buggers in corporate can see exactly where your workwear comes from.

Easy as.

If you already claim workwear as a business expense, you can claim the Diamond Workwear shirts.


We sell single shirts, small batches and offer bulk enterprise-size orders. You can even nominate a mate and buy a shirt for someone else.

Flex your social impact muscle when you demonstrate your commitment to supporting your team in their well-being and mental health. 50% of the proceeds go to charity – so you can tick off some of your CSR KPIs at the same time


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